what is wild yeast?

There has always been yeast. Wild yeast fermentation dates back even to the earliest civilizations. It wasn’t until the 19th century that French Chemist, Louis Pasteur, discovered how to isolate a single strain for the first time. Since then, commercial yeast has grown in popularity due to its predictability and fast rising action. But innovation sometimes means compromise.

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basic whole wheat sourdough starter FLOUR + WATER + TIME. Those are the ingredients for a basic whole wheat sourdough starter. You simply mix a high quality, whole grain flour with purified water and let time do it’s thing. It really couldn’t be any easier. Of course, there is some maintenance involved. Sourdough is a…

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Feeding your sourdough starter

The 1-1-1 method: A Foolproof Guide to Feeding Your Sourdough Starter Feeding your sourdough starter is akin to nurturing a living organism, ensuring it remains healthy, active, and ready to leaven your bread with its characteristic flavor and rise. Among the various feeding methods, the 1-1-1 method stands out for its simplicity and effectiveness. In…

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Transitioning Your Sourdough Starter

Transitioning Your Sourdough Starter Feedings from Whole Wheat to White: A Comprehensive Guide to help you make the switch Are you considering transitioning your sourdough starter feedings from whole wheat to white flour? Whether it’s due to personal preference, availability of ingredients, or a desire to experiment with different flavors and textures, making this switch…

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Your Sourdough Questions Answered: Sourdough Starter

Your sourdough questions answered Sourdough starters are actually SO simple to make that it’s hard to believe it can really work. But it does! You just have to provide it with the right environment, food, and water. There are a few things that can absolutely kill your starter. And they are: Heat – Contamination –…

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